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Our inspiring gift and homewares range has been 100% handcrafted using traditional techniques by small, family home industries on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

These family businesses provide employment to both extended family & local village members where work opportunities are few.

We support Fair Trade. Since 1996, Saiyan Style has been helping Balinese families to support themselves, working closely with the artisans, to ensure beautiful quality, develop new designs & maintain sustainable, fair trade relationships with these small, family operated home industries on the 'Island of the gods' ...
These artisans specialize in handcrafting a particular product or small product range from a specific raw material.

We work with our Balinese suppliers on the  basis of openness, trust and respect. Working closely to help improve consistency and quality in their products.

All the artists whom we purchase product from have been fairly compensated. Advances are paid at the time orders are placed to cover at least the cost of materials.

We do not operate on a credit basis with any of our suppliers and full payment is made at the completion of the order.

Over the years through our trading we have developed sustainable relationships & assisted in the growth of many a business and contributed to the well being of many families



NSW - Sydney & NSW South Coast
Stewart Davies PH: 0429 900 527
QLD - Brisbane, Gold, Sunshine Coast & Country
Jackie Dawson PH: 0419 659 979

Saiyan Style is looking for sales agents for North NSW, Far North QLD, Coastal SA and all areas of Tasmania & WA - All enquires welcome!